Bicycle path Ohře - Žatec, sector n.4

It's about a 1.2 km of asphalt bicycle path of 2.5m width in close of open air pool and sport facillity with in-line track. Project was financially supported by The State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. Construction was held in 2013 for a total cost of 3 million CZK. This sector si part of planned regional main bicycle path Ohře and it is connected to bicycle path to Nechranická přehrada, Kadaň and Březno u Chomutova. The second connection leads through the historical center of Žatec and touristic area Hop and Beer Temple to the mansion Stekník and town Louny. 

For the urban area is made a project documentation for building a bicycle path and in-line track of total length 7km, including connection to the second side of Ohře with sport facilities. Realized sector and all other intented sectors are corresponding with region and national transport strategy of bicycling.

(translated pronouncement) 

Ing. Jan Novotný
Vicemayor of Žatec / 
member of the Regional Assembly

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